Frequently Asked Questions
What is Clictowin ?

Clictowin is a free worldwide service for online advertising platform where advertisers gain potential clients and visitors to their website allowing more sales, traffic and revenue for the advertisers.Our service consists of allowing advertisers all over the world to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying advertisements on our site and users all over the world to earn money by viewing those advertisements. As for as the users are concerned they get a wonderful earning opportunity just by logging into Clictowin and viewing our Advertisers ads. It is a win-win environment for both and that is what Clictowin is all about.

Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated PTC graduates on a mission to re-define PTC and forever last in this PTC universe. We hope to break all barriers and clear all hurdles in our quest. We are all loaded and set and this is it, our creation and hope we can power it all the way and set benchmarks and standards along the way. We are looking forward to your support and ideas.

How can I earn with ClicToWin ? provides users a great earning opportunity, helping them monetizes their free time and earn a lot more. You do not need to invest in order to earn money. Earning money is free and you can start that right away. Users can login to their account and View Ads every day to get paid.  You can get direct referrals on your own or buy/rent referrals to multiply your earnings rapidly. You can complete surveys and offers with our offerwall for increase your earnings. Remember, it is a win-win environment.

How much time do I have to spend on ClicToWin?

You can complete Clicking and Viewing Ads and managing your referrals and account in about half an hour. That is as much as it takes but you are a lot more to profit if you are going to spend more quality time on the website. The more you spend time, the more you earn money.

What are Referrals ?

Referrals are people to whom you refer ClicToWin and who joins under you using your referral link. There are two types of referrals we permit,

1. Direct Referrals 

2. Rented Referrals

You earn a commission for every Standard and extended advertisement your referrals (Direct and Rented) view. This therefore increases your earnings and plays a vital role in your success.

P.SYou have to view atleast 4 ads today for your referral clicks to be credited tomorrow

What are Direct Referrals ?

Direct referrals are people who join under your referral link and are counted under you. You earn a commission for every advertisement they view.

What are Rented referrals ?

Rented referrals, like direct referrals are members but they are not the people who have joined under you. They are temporarily under you for a price you pay. You may let them expire after 30 days or choose to extend them for a price.

What is Auto-pay ?

Autopay is a feature that automatically pays for your rented referrals. Every day, the first click a rented referral makes will pay for you to be able to keep that rented referral an extra day. However, if the rented referral doesn't click, then you won't pay for that rented referral for another day.

Should I keep Autopay On ?

AutoPay is definitely a good thing to have turned on because it saves you money and makes the entire process of renting referrals easier.

What is the minimum Cash-out (Withdraw Limit) ?

The minimum cashout is set at $7.00 for all members.

What are the payment options available ?

We have right now about tow payment options 

1. Payza

2. Paypal

We are planning to bring more payment options as we grow and sure there will be new surprises on the way too.


How can I advertise in ClictoWin ?

Advertising in ClicToWin is absolutely easy and effective. You need to have a ClicToWin account in order to advertise. Then, you have to login to your account by clicking on Login tab on the homepage. Then click on the Advertise tab on top of the page. You can choose our ClicGrid or other Way. You will be redirected to the Advertising page where you can select the package that best suits you and advertise your link on ClicToWin.

ClicToWin offers the cheapest advertising plans you can ever find in a solid PTC.

Are my ads guaranteed of unique Visitors ?

Yes, absolutely. We guarantee you that there will be only unique visits to your advertised web link and that we do not allow the same IP address to view your ad more than once every day so that guarantees you unique visits.

Can I target my audience with my advertisements ?

Yes. We offer demographic filter that lets you to choose from which countries you want your visitors to look at your advertisements and only people from those countries will be able to see your advertisement.

How much control do I have over my advertisements ?

You have unprecedented control over your advertisements. You can hold back, pause/resume your advertisements at your convenience. You have full control over them

What will be the reach of my advertisements?

Your advertisements will have great global reach and acknowledgement since ClicToWin will be here to stay. We believe that you can get your advertisements to reach the global masses and get more sales and revenue. The reach will be spectacular.

Referrals are filtred ?

Yes! that referrals have to click 8 advertisements in 3 days to be eligible for rent/buy ,but after that there is no guarantee that they will keep clicking. keep in memory, they are human same like you and they can stop to click.